• How do I pay for Anchor’s services?
    You may be eligible for grants and funding from a variety of sources, such as your Local Authority. Government support varies for each of our services and you can find out more details by contacting us. For example, in our care homes the amount the local authority will contribute depends on a means testing of your savings and assets, including any income from your pension or benefits and the value of your home. 

    If you have more than £23,250 you will have to fully fund your stay in a care home unless your capital drops below this amount.

    If you require a nursing home, even if you are paying all your own fees, the NHS now makes a contribution to your nursing costs of around £100 per week.
  • What services does Anchor provide for older people?
    We offer a very wide range of services for older people. 

    We run specialist care homes and offer retirement housing to rent, with some locations providing care through an on-site care team. We also offer retirement housing to buy and manage state of the art retirement villages at Denham Garden Village in Buckinghamshire and Bishopstoke Park in Hampshire.
  • Why choose Anchor?
    Anchor has 50 years of experience as a national provider of care and housing for older people and provides an unparalleled range of services. We remember that each person is an individual and you can trust us to ensure that the care we provide reflects that. We have won many awards for our pioneering work, including dementia care, our Denham Garden Village retirement homes, and the catering in our care homes.
  • The Anchor Group is a not-for-profit organisation. What does that mean?
    Because we don’t have any shareholders, all the payments we receive are pumped back into our services for older people, enabling us continually to raise standards and ensure we provide the high-quality services our customers want and expect
  • How does Anchor guarantee high-quality services for elderly people?
    Training our staff to provide the high-quality care and support we expect is key to Anchor’s good reputation. We value all our staff and provide on-going training and personal development. As with other care and housing providers, Anchor is regulated by the Care Quality Commission and the Homes & Communities Agency, whose remits are to ensure that high standards are maintained.
  • Where can I find Anchor's company information?
    Here is Anchor's company information:
    Company Name: Anchor Trust
    Registered Office: The Heal's Building, Suites A&B, 3rd Floor, 22-24 Torrington Place, London, WC1E 7HJ
    Registration: Registered Charity No. 1052183 (England and Wales)
    Company No. 3147851
    Housing Association No. LH4095
    VAT No. 834863893
  • What do I need to know about Freedom of Information?
    We are not subject to the Freedom of Information Act but we want to be open and provide information about our organisation when we can.  Please use the contact details contained in the Privacy notice page with any questions you may have.