One of the lifestyle choices some people consider as they get older is downsizing – whether or not to move into a smaller property.

When thinking about retirement planning, downsizing has a host of advantages if you are selling your home and looking to move into one of our  leasehold properties or rented apartments. For example, choosing to downsize and releasing capital can enable a significant lifestyle change and offer the opportunity to reduce your outgoings on utility bills, council tax, repairs and maintenance which can offer peace of mind, given the rising costs of these items.

In addition, there are the practical benefits of downsizing your home for retirement and moving to a smaller property. Retirement properties are easier to manage and maintain, particularly should your degree of mobility start to lessen.
If you currently rent a property or are living with family then moving into one of Anchor’s rented apartments for the over 55s could be the ideal solution for you.

Whether you choose to buy or rent through Anchor you can continue to enjoy your independence in purpose built studios and apartments with none of the worries of repairs and maintenance. And for that extra peace of mind, there is an on-site manager and 24 hour emergency assistance.

Many people find that downsizing to a retirement apartment can also offer them a warm and friendly community of new people. Anchor’s properties have a range of communal facilities such as lounges and kitchens, handy for entertaining guests or celebrating special occasions. Other shared facilities can include gardens, a laundry to free up space in your kitchen and in many locations, a guest room for visitors. Anchor is also pet friendly so you don’t have to say goodbye to your loyal companion when you downsize - they can move in too.

To speak to someone about Anchor’s services and for help deciding which of our housing or care home options best suit you, please contact us.