New Topic Forums will review specific customer facing services and policies.

Each forum will be established by the Customer Council and will be tasked to scrutinise an area of Anchor’s service delivery, for example repairs, to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. They will feed back their observations on that service, identifying what works well and what could be improved from a customer perspective. 

In this way, Topic Forums offer a real opportunity to help shape Anchor’s services and performance. 

Customers can choose to join one Topic Forum that will focus on a particular subject. Every forum will have a maximum of 11 members, an Anchor manager lead as well as a sponsor from the Executive Management Board. Each forum will determine methods of meetings and communication, dependent on the involvement taking place and the preferences of the customer members.   

Each forum will elect their own chair and meetings will also be attended by senior Anchor colleagues. These groups will allow customers to speak to Anchor colleagues and discuss views and ideas about Anchor services.  

The topics for each forum will be reviewed annually by the Customer Council to confirm whether the topic has been fully reviewed or a new topic needs to be established. Topic Forums will seek wider customer feedback where appropriate. 

Topic Forum membership will be for two years, which may be renewed for an additional two years.  

Join the Customer Panel

We encourage every Anchor customer to join the Customer Panel. Being on the panel is a fantastic opportunity for Anchor to hear what customers have to say to enhance services. To join simply fill out a quick form.

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