We’re looking for people to join our new Customer Council and act as the voice for our diverse customers. 

A role on the Customer Council will allow you to influence Anchor’s services and ensure every customer voice is heard. 

The council will have an active role in decision making to:

  • Help shape service standards and service delivery
  • Drive continuous improvement in Anchor services
  • Scrutinise service performance, including performance in relation to the Association of Retirement Housing Managers (ARHM) code of practice and the Social Housing Regulatory Framework
  • Determine the number of Topic Forums
  • Gather and review feedback from each Topic Forum

It is essential that members work as a team so that their decisions help shape the way we do things and drive continuous improvement. 

You must be a member of the Customer Panel first to be considered for an elected role on the Customer Council. 

Further details about the new structure are available in the Involving you Customer Guide

Join the Customer Panel

We encourage every Anchor customer to join the Customer Panel. Being on the panel is a fantastic opportunity for Anchor to hear what customers have to say to enhance services. To join simply fill out a quick form.

Join the Customer Panel