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Listening to customers and acting on what you say is how we improve… and it’s something we’re committed to getting right.

Changes to Involving you

Customer consultation told us there needed to be more opportunities for people to get involved in a way that suits them.

That’s why Involving you, Anchor’s customer engagement structure, is changing. The new structure allows everyone to influence what we do.

Benefits of the change include: 

  • An opportunity to provide your opinions on Anchor-wide topics.
  • Involvement on a topic that interests you.
  • Flexible and frequent consultation.
  • More opportunities to get involved without having to travel. 

What does the new Involving you look like?

The new Involving you customer engagement structure you will include:

1. Local Meetings 
2. Residents’/Tenants’ Associations 
3. Customer Panel 
4. Topic Forums 
5. Customer Council

We have created a downloadable guide and the pages below to explain what each role in the new Involving you structure does. 

Join the Customer Panel

We encourage every Anchor customer to join the Customer Panel. Being on the panel is a fantastic opportunity for customers to provide their views and help enhance services. To join simply fill out a quick form.

Join the Customer Panel

  • Customer Council

    The new Customer Council will decide what areas of Anchor’s services they want to look at and make sure the customer voice is heard. Find out more about role of the Customer Council.

  • Topic Forums

    New Topic Forums will review specific customer facing services and policies, identifying what works well and what could be improved from a customer perspective. Find out more about the role of the new Topic Forums.

  • Customer Panel

    We encourage every Anchor customer to join the Customer Panel and have a say on how our services could be enhanced. Find out more about the role of the Customer Panel.

  • Residents’ and Tenants’ Associations

    We encourage rented and leasehold customers to form their own Residents’ Associations and Tenants’ Associations. Find out more.

  • Formal and informal meetings

    All our locations hold accessible meetings where customers can share their views with their neighbours. Find out more about formal and informal meetings across Anchor.