Our retirement properties for rent offer a range of shared facilities to complement each private residence including laundry and communal lounge areas, attractive gardens and often, a guest room that can be used by Anchor customers

If your location has a guest room and you would like friends or family to stay when they come to visit you, our guest rooms can be used for a small charge. 

Similarly, if you, as an Anchor customer, are visiting another Anchor housing location with a guest room, you may be able to stay for a small charge. 

Our rented housing guest rooms exist primarily to allow relatives to have somewhere to stay close to an Anchor customer who is ill. Therefore lettings are prioritised and should usually be for short duration ideally no more than seven days (unless there are exceptional circumstances). This means those visits made for leisure purposes can be cancelled at short notice, so as they are available for such eventualities. 

The size, décor and facilities offered by our guest rooms vary from location to location, but they usually feature twin beds. Guest room charges also vary and so you should contact the relevant Scheme Manager directly to discuss guest room facilities, charges, availability and to make a booking. 

Please note our guest rooms are no smoking and pets are not allowed. For more information about our guest room policy please contact the Scheme Manager at the relevant Anchor rented housing location.

Download our Guide to rented housing locations with guest rooms