Delivering value for money is a key focus of our business plan. Savings which don’t impact detrimentally on the quality of services allow us to deliver more for our customers at the same cost.

How we are working to deliver value for money

We define value for money as delivering services as cost-effectively as possible while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction. These principles now underpin our business plan through our stated objectives of offering the best customer service and being the best run company.

A clear action plan for year one (2015/16) of the five year plan sets down how we will achieve this. In this way our executive management are directly accountable to our Board for the delivery of value for money within Anchor.

How we assess our success as an organisation is driven by our key performance indicators, which are the quantifiable way by which we demonstrate value through our activities. These indicators complement the business plan and directly influence our investment decisions.

Download our value for money report in full here.

For more information on Anchor's Business Plan download our annual report here.