Residents at a Anchor care home in Brighton were taken back to the sixities as they held their very own Music Festival on Friday 23rd August 2013.

Anchor’s Sycamore Court care home in Fitzhebert Drive, Brighton opened their doors to family, friends and people from their local community to join them for a day packed with activities, music and a barbeque.

Customers and staff spent weeks preparing for the festival and invited a variety of musicians to attend. The response was phenomenal; folk singers, flute players, drummers, guitarists and singers in the local area all offered to take part in the day.

Ted and Jan Pierce showcased their talents as artists by making a cardboard cut-out of a Volkswagen Beetle van so residents could have their photos taken like they do on the pier.

Residents spent the week making final touches to decorations, baking biscuits and preparing stalls and a raffle.

Sycamore Court Manager Soonita Shaw said “We have a full schedule of activities so that residents are offered both physical and mental stimulation and what better way to promote their wellbeing!”

Chef Manager Maria Lane went all out to provide a variety of Festival Foods including burgers, hotdogs and delicious freshly made salads.

Sue Svenski Activity Co-ordinator said “The idea came about during a discussion about the season of music festivals and one customer remarked that although she would have loved to have attended one she never got the opportunity, this has been such a rewarding project for all involved and the fun of the day has been memories in the making.”

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